Me, myself & I

The most difficult thing ever is to describe myself.

I am not my name. Which happens to be Neil
Or my chosen occupation. Which is an accountant. Or is it?
Or any of the regular labels used to relate oneself. Like father, husband, son, brother, cousin, uncle, nephew, grand-something.

This blog is a journal of stuff that I see, read, hear, listen, think about.
Mostly for myself.
If you care enough, maybe for you too.

I've tried real hard to keep a discipline about maintaining a journal. The paper & ink kind.
I did it religiously for about a year. Or so it felt. 
These days, I don't even make the effort.
I mostly process data.
Some of it makes sense to me. Mostly, not.
This is my way of keeping a track of the stuff I've come across.
Maybe even written myself.

I choose not to be so hard on myself if I don't update this ever so often.